When to Paint Your House Exterior

Painting your home goes beyond just a simple DIY project. It requires commitment and some tricks along the way. One of the ways to ensure a great turn out is to find the best time to paint your house! Timing matters greatly as how the paint dries is directly related to the moisture of your walls, temperature, and time of application.
When to Paint Your House Exterior
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The temperature affects your painting and it’s not just because it’s cold outside. The conditions in the temperature affects your paint to either not dry or cause problems with how the paint will dry. Cold weather does not allow for the paint to properly cure and direct contact with the sun can cause the paint to dry in unattractive waves and ripples.
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Do not paint when it is wet outside, especially right after the surface is directly being rained on! This affects an uneven application and disallows the paint to dry. The moisture level of the walls has to be between the ranges of 15% to 18%.
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Warm and dry conditions are perfect timings to paint your house! However, do look at your weather forecast and ensure that it does not rain a few days before as it will affect the ideal moisture of your walls. The same goes to after application where it does not rain right after your paint is still drying. During the day, the best time to paint will be between late morning when the dew has evaporated till the evening.

When you stick to these general guidelines for painting of exterior walls, you’ll be sure to have a flawless finish! All the best!