What Is Seamaster Paint?

The Seamaster Paint Holdings was founded in the late 50s and has became one of the regions leading Paint Manufacturing in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Through the years, we have grown into one of the largest paint manufacturer network in Asia. With offices ranging from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Maldives, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Dubai and China.
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Why Seamaster?
Confident in the quality of our products,
Seamster offers a warranty of up to 10 years from purchase.

Seamaster Paint Is One Of The Leading Paint Manufacturers
With Origins Stretching Back More Than 50 Years.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with easy to use and affordable products. Being one of the long established paint manufacturers in Asia, we provide a wide range of products from architectural to decorative, protective coatings and special effects coating.
Seamaster Seamaster Seamaster
Seamaster Seamaster Seamaster

Top Products

Weathersheen Acrylic Exterior Wall Finish
Weathersheen Acrylic
Exterior Wall Finish
AIDA Fight Mold
AIDA Fight Mold
AIDA Easy To Clean
AIDA Easy To Clean
Epoxy Enamel 9300
Epoxy Enamel 9300
Super Glo Plus 6600
Super Glo Plus 6600

Over The Past 60 Years, We Have Continuously Put Our Quality To The Test

Trusted By Many
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Our Reviews

Wing Kiet Loke

"I love to use Seamaster Superglo Plus High Gloss Finish because it is fast drying on my metal surface and provides durability for my metal surface."

Karen Phang

"I love to use Seamaster Paint Wall Tex Emulsion Paint because it allows me to glide the paint smoothly onto my walls and provides a superb matt finishing for my walls."

Eugene Chan Rui Hong

"I like Seamaster Paint Wall Tex Emulsion Paint because it provides a superb matt finishing for your walls. It allows you to smoothly glide the paint onto the walls with a few strokes for a seamless painting experience. This paint has a variety of exciting colour ranges to pick from according to your room’s ambience."

Cempaka Putih

"Seamaster Paint can indeed improve the appearance of the house. By choosing the right house paint, my home will look more attractive and look comfortable. I can choose from a variety of colors and textures to create the perfect atmosphere for my personality. Seamaster Paint also helps protect my home's walls from being easily damaged by rain and extreme heat. At the same time, it prevents damage to the surface of my home and ensure it lasts longer. House paint can have an unpleasant smell, so it's important for me to choose the right paint for the part of the house. Seamaster Paint is definitely my choice."

Fara Nan

"I've been using the Seamaster Paint since I was first year in the university! For me the Seamaster paint is easy to applied, pigmented colour and very smooth yet consistent finishing. Every year I will change my house's colour and I definitely choose the Seamaster Paint brand."

Sitinoor Hasniza

"I really love Seamaster paint as it provides a superb matt finishing for my walls. Lovesss itt! It allows to smoothly glide the paint onto the walls with a few strokes for a seamless painting experience. This paint has a variety of exciting colour ranges to pick from according to my room’s ambience. Beautiful, smooth, all colours that you want dont worries Seamaster have it!"

Shahira Samat

"My first experience using Seamaster paint product for my interior house decoration. Definitely not disappointed with their quality! They have variety of colors to choose. I will surely recommend Seamaster brand to others :)"

Rozalia Alik

"Been using Seamaster paint for my room and the result was awesome. It has been more that 2 years but the paint still look like new as I painted it yesterday. Love the finishing and lots of colors to choose."

Thivitaa Siwa

"Impressed with Seamaster Paint and their products. They have a wide range of colours (had a hard time choosing) but their customer service helped me out extremely well! Definitely repurchasing for future repainting jobs."

Ushalni Nair

"I have been using seamaster paint for my house since last time. it is really outstanding and it can really last long. the colours are really bice amd i like it a lot."

Mr Koh

"We are extremely happy with the quality, professionalism, and reasonable price of the work from Seamaster paint and highly recommend them to anyone. They are the only ones we will use."

Nuur Hidayah Yusof

"Loving the beautiful pastel colours of AIDA 4 series. The price cost also affordable. Cannot wait to paint my house!"


"The best paint with incredible quality! Reliable and trusted product to be used."

Husaini Amir

"Wide selection of paint products and good service by the staff"