Seamaster Paint is one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers with origins stretching back more than 60 years. From a small establishment in Singapore, it has grown to become the pioneer in commercial and industrial paint manufacturing in the region. With 12 offices around the region, our export goes around 40 countries around the world including China, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Brunei etc.

Seamaster is present on the APAC market through a detailed sales network and own branches managed by highly specialized personnel. We offer pre and post sales services, technical and marketing assistance and a line of products that meet the different demands of the market, suited to ensure the best solutions for each sector and inspired by the current market trends.
Working with us means being able to take advantage of dedicated business services, with the constant help of our technical staff who are always ready to provide prompt and qualified support.
  Seamaster Paint Sdn Bhd