Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating
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Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating

Product Description

Criteria Description
Solvent/water based Water
Finishing Sheen
Information Seamaster Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating is a proven superior quality algae and fungus resistant elastomeric coating. It has durable membrane for high performance under severe weathering conditions. Elastomeric 8600 is a self-cross-linked acrylic emulsion formulated for waterproofing and can be used to cover hairline cracks. It is flexible, dirt resistant, and bridge cracks.
Product features
  • Remarkable elastic recovery and resilience to thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Good ”breatheability” property for prevention of moisture build up in walls and roofs.
  • Good chemical and alkaline resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion
Touch dry ≤ 1 hour
Hard dry ≤ 2 hours
Recoating interval ≥ 6 hours
Therotical Coverage 6-7 m²/litre
Application Brush, roller, spray
Sequence Product Reference No. of coats
Primer Interior – Seamaster Base Coat Wall Sealer 1600BC 1
Exterior – Seamaster Acryseal Wall Sealer 1700WS/1701
Finish Coat Seamaster Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating 8600 2