Concrete Primer 1808S
Concrete Primer 1808S

Seamaster Concrete Primer is a high performance solvent based primer. It is good in water and moisture resistance, good alkaline, fungi and algae resistance and good in adhesion. It is easy to apply and act as a barrier coat to water penetration and water surfacing from the substrate.

Product Features

  • Water resistant
  • Resistance to algae & fungi growth
  • Improve breath ability
  • Alkali resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Anti-carbonation
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Product Description

Product Application
Criteria Description
Touch dry ≤ 20 mins
Hard dry ≤ 1 hour
Recoating interval ≥ 2-3 hours
Therotical Coverage 6-9 m²/litre
Application Brush Roller Spray
  Brush      Roller     Spray
Product Coating
Sequence Product Reference No. of coats
Primer Seamaster Concrete Primer 1808S 1
Finish Coat Various system of topcoat such as  acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, and etc 2