Marine Anti Fouling Composition 6500
Marine Anti Fouling Composition 6500

Seamaster Antifouling Composition is a vinyl based anti-fouling containing a blend of organic biocides selected for their wide range of fouling resistance to weed and shell growth and application over a coal tar epoxy anti-corrosive system, these anti-fouling are not affected by atmospheric exposure. For maximum performance two coats should be applied airless spray.

Product Features

  • Fouling resistance to weed & shell growth
  • Not affected by atmospheric exposure.
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Product Description

Product Application
Criteria Description
Touch dry ≤ 30 min
Hard dry ≤ 4 hour
Recoating interval 2 hours
Therotical Coverage 8 m²/litre
Application Brush  Roller  Airless spray
  Brush      Roller   Airless spray