Wintex Emulsion Paint 7300-9102
Wintex Emulsion Paint 7300-9102

Seamaster Wintex Emulsion Paint is a light fastness, alkali resistance acrylic co-polymer based waterborne emulsion which is specially formulated for use on wall and ceilings. It is easy to apply and its finish stays clean and fresh for a longer time. It is fast drying and surface dry to solid matt finish. Wintex is an economical paint to use. Its maximum coverage means that less paint is required for a given area.

Product Features

  • Ideal for ceiling application
  • Matt finishing
  • Hides surface imperfections
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Product Description

Product Application
Criteria Description
Touch dry ≤ 20min
Hard dry ≤ 1 hour
Recoating interval 3 hours
Therotical Coverage 10-13 m²/litre
Application Brush Roller Spray
  Brush     Roller     Spray
Product Coating
Sequence Product Reference No. of coats
Primer Seamaster Base Coat Wall Sealer 1600BC  1
Finish Coat Seamaster Wintex Emulsion Paint 7300-9102 2