Wall-Tex 7700
Wall-Tex 7700
RM 100.00

Seamaster Wall Tex Emulsion Paint is an acrylic co-polymer emulsion paint specially formulated for interior use. Wall Tex provides a solid matt, tough and smooth finish. It is fungus and alkaline resistance, easy to apply and good coverage. It is a low VOC, APEO-free and formaldehyde-free product.

Product Features

  • Good alkaline
  • Fungus resistance
  • Acrylic based emulsion paint
  • Superb matt finishing
  • Hides surface imperfections
  • Exciting colour range
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Product Description

Product Application
Criteria Description
Touch dry ≤ 20min
Hard dry ≤ 1 hour
Recoating interval 3 hours
Therotical Coverage 10-12 m²/litre
Application Brush Roller Spray
  Brush      Roller     Spray
Product Coating
Sequence Product Reference No. of coats
Primer Seamaster Base Coat Wall Sealer 1600BC  1
Finish Coat Seamaster Wall Tex Emulsion Paint 7700 2