Tora Protective Coating 9200
Tora Protective Coating 9200

Seamaster Tora Protective Coating is a water-based floor coating specially designed for internal and external masonry surfaces such as cement and concrete floor. The paint film has enough elasticity and hardness which is suitable for the sports activities.

Product Features

  • Non-slip
  • Good adhesion
  • Fungus resistance
  • UV & Waterproofing resistance
  • Abrasive and cracking resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Elastic and hardness suitable for player's activities
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Product Description

Product Application
Criteria Description
Touch dry ≤ 1 hour
Hard dry ≤ 24 hour
Recoating interval NA
Therotical Coverage 0.9-1.5 m²/litre
Application Brush Roller
  Brush      Roller
Product Coating
Sequence Product Reference No. of coats
Primer Seamaster Concrete Primer 1808S 1
Top Coat Seamaster Tora Protective Coating 9200 2